Curtis M. Hendel

Fool me once; I did NOT see that coming...

Like most people, I have this surprise button deep in my mind that goes off when I am startled.  Like many people, those buttons can break after time.  Whether it is no longer jumping when I see spiders the size of cats or when someone tries to scare me by jumping out from a corner.

The Grand Hypocrisy

About a week ago I had been thinking of something that had been on my mind for some time, trying to find a way to put it to paper so that it made sense.  Then, just days ago the story broke that would open the door.

The Safety in the Safety Pin

We have become a nation of small symbols.  Years ago the Blue Star Banner was put up to show that a loved one from that household was serving overseas.  That became a Gold Star when their loved one was killed in his or her service.  Another similar one was the Yellow Ribbon, symbolizing that loved one overseas with the promise to wait for them to return.

Hot off the brain cells.....

It is like a scene from a movie; a beautiful Sunday morning in a city, a police officers makes a traffic stop very close to the Department of Public Safety.  He gets the license and insurance information from the driver, returns to his car and starts to write the citation.  The music becomes a bit dark as a black car pulls up behind the police cruiser and a sinister character exits, walks to the driver’s window where an unsuspecting officer is doing his duty.  The bad guy levels a handgun at the officer, shooting him in the head.  The officer slumps over violently and the man reaches inside and shoots him again.  He heads back to his car and tears off from the scene. 

Chicken Little Spotted on East and West Coast

On November 8th, 2016, the voters of America spoke, and they spoke loud.  It was a long shot that Donald Trump would survive the primaries, but it was a complete gamble that he could actually beat Hillary Clinton.  But he did.

On This Veteran's Day

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month of 1918 the world marked the end of World War I.  The war had lasted four years, three months, and two weeks.  The world had never seen destruction on this scale, with individual battles costing over a million lives and the total casualties topping 38 million combatants.  Surely such a high price would lead to a great world peace.  Leaders at the time could never believe that a war could ever be any worse.  This was the War to End All Wars.

Frank Luntz Concerned with Election Year Mood

Frank Luntz is a pollster that is highly regarded in his profession.  He uses unique methods to read what the mood of potential voters is and why they feel the way they feel.  He has a very strong ability to get to the pulse of the American people.

To Protect And Serve, With Their Backs To The Wall

On the morning of November 2nd, 2016 I awoke to the news; two police officers in Des Moines Iowa were killed by gunfire while sitting in their police cars.  Two Peace Officers, civil servants, assassinated.  Check that, two more police officers had been assassinated.

An Enemy Within?

Election 2016.  What can be said for this year’s election cycle?  I guess there is not much that can be said to describe where this has taken our great country.  Out of over 300 million people, we put up Donald and Hillary.  Where this has gone was almost too easy to see.  Mr. Trump has some solid ideas and, I believe, he would put very good people around him and would have a gambling man’s shot at righting this ship.  But he comes with ego and baggage from a long and successful career.  Just not the prettiest baggage in the world.  Hillary, well, she is just a plain liar, bent on power, taking money for favors and covering her incompetency with the phrase, “This is all lies”.  What a mess.

Secretary of Defense Using Smoke and Mirrors for Election?

The headline read, “Defense Secretary orders Pentagon to stop seeking repayment of California National Guard bonuses”.  So everything is peachy, right?