Specialist Cody Full & Co.

For the past week and more, we at Special Operations Speaks have come to refer to Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon members as Megyn’s Six, largely because of their refreshing candor, integrity and spontaneity in fielding questions about the conduct and actions of their now-famous platoon mate both on FoxNews’ Kelly File and before the U. S. Congress.  These young warriors, now civilians, impressed us as providing a much-needed reminder that Duty, Honor, Country have not (as yet) been expunged from the military ethos, Obama’s efforts notwithstanding.

Of course, the White House’s paid character assassins, aided by their key media spear throwers, e.g. the quasi-Governmental New York Times, immediately reinforced the White House Press Secretary, the Department of State and others in claiming these young warriors really didn’t know what they were talking about, even entering into question their mental stability.

Interestingly … but also disappointingly … few from the retired military community or from the national fraternal military organizations stepped into the breach, and raised the BS flag in defense of these men, each alloyed in fire and blood, examples of American manhood.  We well recall now-Secretary of State John Kerry, perjuring himself before the U.S. Senate in 1972, and accusing each of us of war crimes during our service in Vietnam. Many of the same empty suites and legacy media reinforced Kerry then, and deign to besmirch Megyn’s Six today.

More recently, former Army Specialist Cody Full, a member of Megyn’s Six, reinforced our first assessment by testifying before the U.S. Congress in a manner that the Lois Lerners, the Hillary Clintons and the James Clappers of the world would do well to learn from.  But, it was Cody’s respectful interruption of the verbal meanderings of Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA, who was trying ineffectually to rehabilitate the image of Sgt. Bergdahl, that catches our attention and admiration.

These six soldiers, this band of brothers, each one matured beyond his years, each bonded by a devotion to his warrior mates, represent the best of the true America.  They embody the best hope for America, should we elect to survive as a Republic.

Special Operations Speaks hopes to hear more from Megyn’s Six in coming years.

Yes, Cody Full for President has an inviting ring to it.

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