Obama Paints an Apocalyptic Picture to the
Detriment of Americans

By Richard McPherson

More and more it seems obvious Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Hussein Obama have done nothing more over the past few years then just resorting to an age-old strategy of politicians:

Paint an apocalyptic picture of the world so that the public longs for a savior -- and then present you as being just that savior.

This has been the plan since 2008 to get Democrats reelected in 2012.

The three of them conspired with others to drive up the federal debt by more that $5 trillion over the past few years. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Hussein Obama conspired to prevent the United States Senate from passing a budget for well over 1,000 days since early 2009. That allows them to spend at will. All the while knowing that over $0.41 out of every $1.00 they spend is more interest bearing debt placed on the backs of current and future generations of American citizens.

In 2009, first came the supposed $860 stimulus package from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Hussein Obama. It was billed as a direct $860 billion infusion into the economy for job growth. That was misleading the majority of the funds did not go to stimulate job growth. It went to state and local governments to help reduce current debt to get their politicians onboard to promote more government control of American citizens. The results we now know created very few private sector jobs. In fact some analysts have calculated we need 15 million more Americans employed today just to get us back to where we were when Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi took over the US Congress in 2007, when they began paving the way for Barrack Hussein Obama to be elected in 2008.

The government spending by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Hussein Obama caused America to lose its AAA rating. That in turn caused investors to either shy away from investing in American treasuries or to not invest in them at all unless they pay a higher interest rate. The result has been something over $0.41 out of every $1.00 that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Hussein Obama caused to be spent was more interest bearing debt. Every time Nancy Pelosi or Barrack Hussein Obama jumps in their taxpayer provided jet along with the contingents of Secret Service and other support it creates at least another $0.41 out of every $1.00 they spend as new interest bearing debt for American citizens to pay.

Based on the 2010 U.S. budget, total US national debt was forecasted to nearly double in dollar terms between 2008 and 2015 and grow to nearly 100% of GDP (it has already passed 100% ? 3 years ahead of a forecast), versus a level of approximately 80% in early 2009. Multiple government sources including the current and previous presidents, the Government Accounting Office (GAO), the Treasury Department, and Congressional Budget Office (CBO) have said that America is on an unsustainable fiscal path.

The U.S. government is obligated under current law to mandatory payments (unfunded obligations) for programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The present value of these deficits or unfunded obligations is an estimated $45.8 trillion. This is the amount that would have to be set aside during 2009 (they did not set the money aside in 2009, 2010, 2011, or 2012) so that the principal and interest would pay for the unfunded obligations through 2084. Approximately $7.7 trillion relates to Social Security, while $38.2 trillion relates to Medicare and Medicaid. In other words, health care programs will require nearly five times the level of funding than Social Security. Adding this to the national debt and other federal obligations would bring total obligations to nearly $62 trillion. Those unfunded obligations are not counted in the national debt.

How does the US Congress expect American citizens will pay off $62 trillion in current debt with new interest accruing each day? Have you asked your Congressman or Senator what their plan is to pay off the debt they have placed on you and each member of your family’s future? What does that current $62 trillion mean we each owe?

As I write this the population of the United States is 313,310,031. http://www.census.gov/population/www/popclockus.html

It’s a simple math problem dividing the population into the debt. The amount our representatives elected to serve our best interests over the past 40 plus years is a debt (plus daily accruing interest) is $197,887.

That simple math means every single citizen of the U.S. starts out today shouldering the burden of $197,887 in debt imposed by our Congress.

The only way we can possibly carry that burden is with jobs – high paying jobs that produce products and create a lot of value for our country and the world. And it will require millions of such jobs in order to keep up with debt, as well as millions more to eliminate the debt. Every day American citizens are denied the opportunity for participating in private sector financing creating job growth for Americans is a lost opportunity only made possible by more-and-more bad public policy (regulations).

The per capita federal obligation of $197,887 does not take into account the current debt or unfunded liabilities of our States (50), Counties (3,000) and Cities (30,000). Just look at your Property tax Bills. The average home in America lost perhaps 40% of its value over the past 5 years since Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi took over the US Congress in 2007. Yet the counties have not lowered Property Tax Bills by 40%. The trend nationwide by all government entities is to increase taxes, fees and fines to pay for the additional government imposed by the ever increasing regulations from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Hussein Obama.

American citizens are forced to pay for 18,000 law enforcement organizations. Ask yourself: Why have our borders not been secured from illegal drugs, human trafficking and aliens? Ask yourself: Why are sanctuary cities allowed to operate where international gangs orchestrate illegal drugs, human trafficking and aliens spreading to every part of America? Ask yourself: How many illegal aliens have voted in past elections and will vote in the 2012 election?



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