Holy fire ceremony draws thousands in Jerusalem

Drone in Yemen kills 9 suspected Al Qaeda militants

Scalia to students on high taxes: At a certain point, ‘perhaps you should revolt’

More Than 1,750 Sign Petition Against Michelle Obama’s HS Commencement Speech — But Not for the Reasons You’re Thinking

Released! Clinton files on media enemies

Harry Reid defends ‘domestic terrorists’ comments

Leland Yee case: Disgraced California state senator's legislative efforts fueled cash for campaigns

James Dobson: Striking Obamacare mandate a…

More than 200 suspected illegal immigrants arrested in Texas

Judge says ordinary tools actually are 'weapons'

Feds approve powdered alcohol; ‘Palcohol’ available later this year

Former Blue Angels commander relieved of duty for alleged misconduct

USPS worker allegedly takes disability, goes fishing


Special Forces’ suicide rates hit record levels — casualties of ‘hard combat’

South Korea ferry captain arrested as details emerge

Mohammed Whitaker charged in Kansas highway shootings

Supreme Court weighs appeal to concealed-carry gun laws

Wait Until You See What Clever Pro-Gun Group Did Just to Spite Bloomberg’s $50 Million Anti-Gun Campaign

Gun carried by Wyatt Earp sells for $225G at auction

IRS, other federal agencies reportedly used license plate-tracking technology

Unbeliebable: White House turns Bieber petition response into immigration screed

Keystone XL pipeline still on hold after State Dept. decision

Obama faces Dem revolt on Keystone pipeline punt

Russian Spy Planes in U.S. Skies

Facebook purges columnist's comment on Nevada…

CIA psychologist: Torture worked

Portland Reservoir to be Drained After Teen Pees in Water

Drones from the deep: Pentagon develops ocean-floor attack robots

What’s the Story Behind This Mysterious American Jet Spotted in Iran? And Who’s the ‘VIP’ Passenger?

Muslim drivers refuse to work over Gay Games ad


Watch as Anti-NRA Protester Explains Why You Shouldn’t Be Able to Protect Yourself With a Gun If Your Life Is in Danger

Poll: 61% call Obama a 'liar'

Majority of voters: Obama covering up on Benghazi

49 percent think White House had IRS target conservatives

EXCLUSIVE: GOP presses White House for docs on botched health care rollout

A distant third: Joe Biden struggles for traction in early 2016 jousting

Court-ordered deportations drop 43% under Obama

Photographer, Aviation Experts Stunned by Mysterious Unidentified Flying Object

Pentagon extends deployment of fighter jets to Poland amid Ukraine crisis

Jews being told to register in Ukraine: John Kerry

Teen from ‘Jihad Jane’ plot becomes youngest ever to serve time on U.S. terror charges

New York gun owners shrug off tough new rules: What happens now?

'Knockout Game' leaves another victim dead

Man fined $525 for refilling drink

$50,000-an-ounce gold?

Hustler sent to every congressional office since 1983

CBO shows it’s Paul Ryan 4, Obama 0 on budget targeting

Man saves kids after mom allegedly drives into river


Boy Who Says He Nearly Died and Met Jesus in Heaven Responds to His Critics

He May Be the First Person Charged Under Conn. Gun Registration Law — But Why Did Police Take ‘Several’ of His Legal Guns for ‘Safe Keeping’?

Former Army sergeant to receive Medal of Honor for bravery during Afghan ambush

Trio of Thugs Display Special Kind of Evil When Former Marine Tries to Help Them After a Car Crash

Emails reveal IRS plot to jail conservatives

Controversy surrounding IRS plan to recover money from kids of dead taxpayers far from over

Goodbye, Afghanistan — hello, Africa: Air Force to shift as U.S. exits Middle East

Removal of military gear limits options for U.S., NATO in Ukraine

FBI’s facial-recognition database projected to have 52M images by 2015: report

Watch: Harry Reid’s Son Wants To See Cliven Bundy Taken Down

Colo. eminent domain case settled with $115,000 sale

Watchdog: EPA inflating success of wetlands programs

Obama, Biden announce $600M for job grants

Armed fed raid prompted by safety rules

Is your home's energy meter spying on you?

Obama brother partners with polygamist cult

California desert community mobilizes against solar project

Russia tests Obama's ability to stop its advances

Multinational naval fleet to depart Germany for Baltic Sea within days

Jordan says it destroyed combat vehicles crossing from Syria

Saudi Arabia: reported poison gas use by Syria is challenge to world

Two more charged in gang-linked kidnapping of N.C. prosecutor's father

See How Much Money Obama Gave to His Local Church in 2013
Guy With No Shirt, a Gun and a Mirror — What Could Go Wrong? You’re About to See

Texas man executed for 2001 triple murder

1 dead, 3 injured in Tenn. explosives plant fire


Here’s What Defiant New York Gun Owners Decided to Do on the Day of State’s Gun Registration Deadline
‘We’ve Got to Make Them Afraid of Us’: Guess Who Plans to Spend $50 Million to Create Anti-Gun Version of NRA

Al Qaeda mocks U.S. in ‘extraordinary’ Yemen gathering; experts fear C.I.A. caught flat-footed

RNC sues IRS over tea-party scandal

EXCLUSIVE: Confidential U.S. assessments show Afghanistan not ready to govern on own

University calls the amount of white people on campus a ‘failure,’ asks for ideas on how to have fewer

Obama picks gay bishop to wrap Easter Prayer Breakfast with invocation

Boston police investigate 2 backpacks, clear area

Ron Paul warns of Waco-style assault on Bundy

Dash camera protects man from lying cop

Lois Lerner lives in $2.4 million house

American Legion shoots down idea to tie immigration to military service

Atlanta Braves flooded with Hank Aaron hate mail: He’s a ‘scumbag’

Navy’s Zumwalt captain, James Kirk, gets well wishes from ‘Star Trek’ actor William Shatner

Special Forces operators need stealth motorcycles: DARPA

Navy’s Zumwalt captain, James Kirk, gets well wishes from ‘Star Trek’ actor William Shatner

Army treads toward taking some Marine attack helicopter duties

What Does Marijuana Do to a User’s Brain? New Study Reveals Potentially Troubling Results

Did professor advocate censorship of conservative student newspaper?

Poll: 64 Percent of GOP Arizona Voters Want McCain Gone in 2016


Tough-talking Harry Reid vows Bundy ranch showdown ‘not over’ for feds

Survey finds insurance premiums skyrocketing under ObamaCare

How Obama's Justice Department Selectively Blocks Mergers By Republican CEOs

Obama has Proposed 442 Tax Hikes Since Taking Office

HHS nominee got $1.2M at ‘zero’ salary job at Wal-Mart

Chief: Suspects wore GPS devices during killings

Lesbian cop throws girlfriend into window

Ex-KKK leader held in Jewish center killings

Mother Reveals Grisly Details, Confesses to Killing Six of Her Newborn Babies: Police

Michelle must be thrilled! USDA bans all junk food sales at schools

Muslim Brotherhood flees London in face of British investigation

Big Report Reveals Just How Far Teachers Can Go With Christianity in the Classroom

Girl arrested for tweeting alleged Al Qaeda threat


APNewsBreak: Russian jet passes near US warship

34 States Call for Constitutional Convention — and Possible Rewrite

Pro-Landrieu Ad Blasts Kochs, Fails to Mention She’s Accepted $55,000 from Them

CBS’s Bob Schieffer Interviews Dem. Elijah Cummings, Ignores His Relationship With Lois Lerner

Military taking steps to prepare women for combat

Airmen shave heads to support boy, 5, with cancer

Kansas shooting suspect identifed, believed to be white supremacist

GUN LAW BACKFIRES: Backlog allowed felons, fugitives to buy firearms

Democrat Congressmen Ask Obama to Ban Import of 'Military-Style, Semiautomatic Firearms'

Chaffetz questions $175 million ‘slush fund’ for Afghans

Oops! Obama 'champion' scrubbed from website

Hillary Clinton all but erased from tragic story of Benghazi

Public rattled by gunrunning case against Democrat

Reid smelling anything but rosy in ranch fight

LGBT activists throw 'pink brick' at pro-family…

WILLIAMS: It’s time for the poor to pull their own weight

Iraq car bomb kills at least 16 people

Mother Arrested On Six Murder Charges After Police Make Sickening Discoveries in Her Former House

Bus hits truck on Mexico highway; 36 reported dead

Another Democrat suggests racism within GOP, drawing another sharp response

At least 2,000 homes destroyed in Chile forest fire

Shakedown: Treasury now seizing tax refunds from adult children to pay parents’ decades-old SS debts

Teen pleads guilty in rape of 93-year-old


‘Modern marvel’: New U.S. Navy destroyer Zumwalt christened in Maine

Turkish military assists attack on Christians

EPA coal regulations may leave US at risk to power blackouts, officials warn

Retreat: Safety cited as reason for ending federal roundup of Nevada rancher’s cattle

‘The war has just begun’: Bundy supporters mobilize, aim to take back confiscated cattle

Harry Reid, Chinese company behind Nevada ranch…

Obama: In 2014 It’s ‘An Embarrassment’ That We Have This Problem

Jeb Bush defends ‘act of love’ immigration view, but shies from same rhetoric

Asian American group begins effort to push GOP candidates, citing values

Man Caught Shipping Restricted U.S. Military Jamming Technology To Communist China

Woman accused of tossing shoe at Clinton released

IRS target: Scandal pointing to Obama

Boston Marathon bombing hero cop dies; Obama was set to honor his bravery in May

Armed men occupy Donetsk police station; ‘Russian aggression’ blamed for unrest

Syrian rebels: Assad regime using poison gas again

IHOP server says customer’s $200 tip got her fired

Death by solar farms: 71 species of birds killed, ‘entire food chains’ disrupted

Washington Post apologizes to Fox News for NCAA gaffe coverage

TSA defies audit, quietly expands behavior screening activity

Neighborhood Jerk Who’s Harassed Family With Disabled Children for Years Handed Humiliating Sentence

Parents of Texas teen in 'affluenza' drunk driving case to pay fraction of treatment


Jesus may be more popular than Mao in China

George Patton Film Suggests the WWII General Was Assassinated by Russians

Bomb-sniffing military dog Eddie retires with honors

VIDEO: Growing number of students opt out of Common Core testing

Boston Marathon victim storms off ‘Meet the Press’ after being ‘disrespected’

Sen. Sessions: 'Deliberate Plan by President' to Collapse U.S. Law Enforcement System

US blasts Russia for blocking Voice of America

Barbara Boxer: cancer another Keystone byproduct

'Heartbleed'-bug threat spreads to firewalls and…

Hillary Clinton accused shoe-thrower linked to Colorado mass shooter James Holmes

Aspiring TV producer mistakenly killed by deputies in West Hollywood

I can clone John Lennon from his tooth, Canadian dentist claims

Money talks: Every senator probing Time Warner Cable merger took Comcast PAC cash

TSA refuses flight to stroke victim who couldn’t speak her name

Nurse Who Took Out Hit Man Hired by Her Husband Will Never Forget Would-Be Killer’s Last Words

Bullying not believed to be part of school stabbing spree


Alabama Democrat’s $100,000 Challenge to a ‘Whole Bunch of Whites’ Backfires – Big Time

Obama lawyers to defend San Diego cross as war memorial

STARNES: Jesus not welcome in Pennsylvania school

Holder bypasses U.S. Sentencing Commission in mandatory minimums, angers U.S. Attorneys

Targeted Christian scores major legal victory

Hillary Clinton dodges thrown shoe

Medal of Honor recipient returns to active duty; hero of 2009 ambush rejoins Army

Boeing Going Vertical with 'Phantom Swift' Military X-Plane (Video)

Golden Hammer: Pentagon paid too much for Humvee repairs

Police: Grandfather Caught In Lewd Act After Dropping Off Grandkids At School

General Motors puts 2 engineers on paid leave in recall case

Dwarf Drives Nearly Nonstop Across Several States for Very Unsavory Purposes. What Cops Found in His Car Left Them Disgusted.

Harry Reid launches attacks on Koch brothers

Child bride kills man she was forced to marry, 3 friends


Nevada committee OKs naming peak after Reagan

Obama urged to enforce ban on importing military-style firearms

At Fort Hood memorial, Obama calls for renewed focus on mental health, gun control

Classmates: Stabbing suspect 'not bullied'

This Family Never Expected to Have Confrontation With Armed Military Police After Leaving an Air Force Museum

Younger generations lead move as Americans lose faith in the Bible, poll shows

Court rules bias at University of North Carolina-Wilmington against conservative professor

IRS office plastered pro-Obama stickers

Feds charged with killing cattle in Nevada range war

Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S.

Navy to test ‘Star Wars’-type weapon that fires 7 times the speed of sound

Army goes to war with National Guard, seizes Apache attack helicopters

BLM holsters plan to sell seized cattle in Utah

Mystery: ATF making its very own bombs

Oberlin College Sued Over French Professor’s Alleged Harassment

CLIMATE CLASH: Divide deepens over global warming, sparks fierce debate


Marine fatally shoots another guard at Camp Lejeune

Fort Hood shooter's requests for time off shines light on approval process

U.S. will cut deployed nuke missile force by 50

‘I Believe This Man Is a Disgrace’: What Obama Reportedly Plans to Do After Fort Hood Memorial Has Mark Levin ‘Disgusted’
Ed Henry’s Amazingly Sarcastic Response to White House Communications Director on ‘Gender Pay Inequity’

Jesuits mourn well-loved priest, murdered in Syria

Facebook deletes page that advocated raping, murdering troops — but not for content

'Forgotten' element in GOP predicted to rise

I was suspended for protesting Common Core, eighth-grader says

Taxes higher than food, clothing, housing combined

A Hero Ex-Cop Is Actually Having to Sue for the Right to Carry a Concealed Firearm in California

Holder pleads ignorance in IRS-targeting probe

Holder blames gun lobby for contempt of Congress vote

Flight 370: Pulses detected again

China warns US against 'interference' in Hong Kong

'Mountain Man' pleads guilty to weapons charges

German recluse's 'Nazi art trove' bigger than first thought

Former top Dutch banker found dead with wife, daughter

It’s Extremely Disturbing That These Guys Are Smiling After Being Arrested for Something So Horrific
University Will Not Award Honorary Degree to Woman Because She Has Made Comments Critical of Islam
Obama Aunt Who Stayed in U.S. Illegally Dies at 61

Pro-life teen called 'domestic terrorist' in petition supporting feminism professor


DR. MANNY: ObamaCare is destroying my practice
Common Core revolt prompts states to take action
‘We Will Not Tolerate It’: Democrats, Establishment GOP Unite Behind… Sen. Ted Cruz?

Black Chicago preacher backs GOP gubernatorial candidate

Navy unveils ‘leap-ahead technology’ that turns choppers into drones

U.S. picks up $700 million tab for coalition’s food and laundry in Afghanistan

Military needlessly overpaid millions for overseas health care, says watchdog

Illegal immigrants stage sit-in in Capitol offices, protest Democrats

Feds move in on rancher's herd over illegal grazing

Obama Isn't Deporting 'Gangbanger' Immigrants, But Ones Who Run Red Lights

Microsoft founder invests $40m in foreign vote-count firm

Secret Spaceplane, Mystery Mission

Alaska to sue Interior Department for road to reach medical aid

High court declines photographer’s appeal in gay marriage case

Teacher dismissed after refusing to un-friend students on Facebook

Megyn Kelly under Islamo-Nazi 'attack'

Juan Williams reacts to Fort Hood: Time for U.S. to go ‘gun-free’

Huge 'El Gordo' Galaxy Cluster Packs Mass of 3 Quadrillion Suns (Photos)

Teen Drives Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Into Texas Pool: Video

Japanese flocking to adultery site

Yale student , 92 lbs., stuffed her face with Cheetos, ice cream to pacify school officials

N.J. 7th-grader suspended, drug tested for twirling pencil: reports

This Is What Happens When Miley Cyrus Fans Are Asked to Identify Major Political Figures

Video: Police Forcibly Remove Student After He Tells Principal He’s Disappointed in Him at Sit-In


Armed Protesters Gather at Texas Open-Carry Rally After Tasing, Arrest of Man Walking with Loaded Rifle

Military hitting the breaking point on mental health problems

Sen. Kaine: Let military, not lawmakers, decide whether guns are allowed on bases

Is Obama a psychopath?

Obama now probes everyone's health – in Kenya!

Obama wants contractors to provide data on sex, race

His Owner Thought Something Was Wrong With Him. Little Did She Know He Was About to Save Her Life.

Congress preps for immigration executive orders

China shows off new aircraft carrier to US defence chief

U.S. sending 2 warships to Japan to counter North Korea

Malaysia Flight 370: Mystery deepens as searchers race to trace sounds

Faith soars to new heights on film

Some gay activists fear same-sex supporters are becoming intolerant

Transgender claims HARASSMENT, wants apology for being suspended after using women’s bathroom at NC college

Chinese 'chicken cup' could sell for record $38 mn

Indiana authorities investigate 'hit list' at elementary school

Police chief shoots, kills best friend during hunting trip


Romney's return to public life stokes speculation about possible 2016 run

Obama casts GOP’s balanced-budget plan as ‘massive tax cuts’ for millionaires

Axelrod admits Dems have 'major hurdles,' after new poll

Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

Calls rise after Fort Hood to allow carrying firearms on base

An early President’s great leap of faith

Man pays $1,100 to have stolen car returned to him from impound lot, car is towed from his home only 15 minutes later by police

See the Easter Fliers Sent Home to School Kids That Have One Muslim Parent Upset
On the ‘Depravity of Humankind’ Scale, the Repulsive Crime She Is Accused of Deserves Its Own Entry


Hero soldier says don't link Fort Hood shooting, PTSD

Billions in equipment being left behind in Afghanistan

Boeing gets permission by Obama administration to sell spare parts to Iran

ISTOOK: Benghazi cover-up was more to protect Hillary than Obama

Committee Chairman Deals Blow to Immigration Push

Criminal Tries One of the Oldest Tricks in the Book on Armed Woman – Here's How It Worked Out For Him
Here’s What Happened to Crime in Chicago After Illinois Finally Passed Concealed Carry Law

Hate crime? White man beaten by Detroit mob

Bloomberg’s worst nightmare: Gunmaker releases ‘New York Compliant’ AR-15

This Could Be One of the Biggest Common Core Stories Yet — and It Involves a Mom Being Suspended From Her Child’s School

Obama admits waging 'war on men'

US agents uncover huge drug tunnel under Mexican border, foil cartels

Prisoners get coverage as states shift cost to feds

U.S. warns China not to attempt Crimea-style action in Asia

Japan orders military to strike any new North Korea missile launches

Veteran AP photographer killed by Afghan policeman; reporter wounded

Reps. to Boehner, Pelosi: Take gun riders out of appropriations process

New revelations about mom killed by Capitol cops

Obama now outpacing George W. Bush on judges

Vice Adm. Jan Tighe takes over as ‘first female commander of a numbered fleet’

U.S. Air Force under fire for booting Bible from MIA-POW display

NASA wants the public’s help in designing next space suit

State Dept. can't account for $6B worth of contracts

Broken ATM at Maine bank spits out $37,000


NY city to let Muslim group cut crosses off roof

Fort Hood gunman may have had angry words with fellow soldiers before rampage, Army says

Congressional push for soldiers to carry on base

Top Senate Republican Says Obama ‘Disarmed America’

$518M military weather satellite launch successful

Obama signs law providing Ukraine $1B in loan guarantees

House bill aims to halt Hezbollah funding

ATF Director: 'Wish I Had Better Answers' About ATF Agents Probing a Tea Party Conservative

House GOP sets first vote to hold Lois Lerner in contempt over IRS targeting

Washington Post: ‘Cat’s Out of the Bag’ on IRS Targeting Scandal

Ben Carson, Republicans huddle in search of Obamacare replacement

Mozilla CEO quits after 'gay' attack

Networks Snub Obama On Primetime Health Care Address

House passes bill to change Obamacare’s workweek from 30 hours to 40

Radio Hosts Opie and Anthony Eviscerate Obamacare After They Both Lose Their Health Care Plans: ‘No F***ing Clue’

Under attack: Depth of federal arms race should surprise, shock citizenry

Why Does John Boehner Want to Keep 40 Million Americans From Buying Guns?

Bob Costas challenges pro-gun crowd: Find me ‘good and constructive’ stories

Earthquakes in Chile and L.A. Raise Fears About 'Ring of Fire'

Researchers’ Stunning Claim About Noah’s Ark Might Surprise You

Imprisoned in Iran: Three Americans detail the horror of their experience in new memoir

Voters in Afghanistan prepare for first democratic transition, vote set for Saturday

Family Claims Grandmother Was Frozen Alive in Hospital Morgue

You Won’t Believe What Was Found 12 Days After Deadly Washington Mudslide

Japan cancels next Antarctic whaling hunt after ICJ ruling

Report: N.Korea to execute 200 officials


Another Fort Hood attacks leaves 4 dead, 14 hurt

The Simple but Chilling Message Allegedly Broadcast on the Loud Speakers During the Ft. Hood Shooting

Watchdog: EPA test subjects not always told about lethal risks of studies

EPA seeks millions more for global warming initiatives

3,800-year-old biblical fortress discovered in…

Sources on ground during Benghazi attack slam ex-CIA boss Morell's testimony

CIA takes bullet for Obama on Benghazi

The No-Nonsense Way a ‘Marine and Soldier’ Responded to Protesters Holding the U.S. Flag Upside Down Sends Video Viral

Average citizens can be much better than CIA at forecasting world events, study finds

Sarah Palin: Paul Ryan’s budget is ‘definition of insanity’

Another 'flying imam' ejected from passenger plane

U.S. troubled by Iran U.N. nominee with hostage crisis ties

Army testing new jungle boots with focus on Pacific

Killing terrorists in hi-def: Apache helicopter technology goes through final tests

Stealth drone Taranis debuts: ‘Most advanced aircraft ever built by U.K. engineers’

Supreme Court strikes down overall limit on campaign giving

Appeals court: Florida’s voter purge violated federal law

What a Professor Emailed a Conservative Group Is So Vile, We Can’t Put It in the Headline

Boy Scouts boot openly gay Scoutmaster

Teen who sued parents for college tuition lands $56,000 scholarship

U.S. Catholics take to border to pray Obama lets illegals stay

Stolen Gauguin on Sicily kitchen wall for 40 years

Rockwell painting of Red Sox may fetch $30 million

Researchers: Unvaccinated infants fueling epidemics


Animals fleeing Yellowstone supervolcano?

CIA ignored station chief in Libya when creating talking points on Benghazi

New Developments in Fast and Furious Scandal, Old Administration Strategy to ‘Stonewall and Delay’

Putin hints next target to Obama in phone call

The Steyer Brothers: GOP finds Koch rivals who finance Democrats

U.S. may move warship into Black Sea

Former Navy SEAL, 44, shot in stomach in parking lot chases his assailants before driving himself to police station for treatment

Congressional-forced minimum wage increase hurt economies in U.S. islands

The Steyer Brothers: GOP finds Koch rivals who finance Democrats

Egyptian Islamists Murder Young Christian, After Dragging Her From Car

Officer Tells Texas Man Openly Carrying Rifle He’s ‘Free to Go’ – It’s Hard to Believe What Happened Just Two Minutes Later

School went ballistic over boy's toy gun

N.Y. students who opt out of Common Core forced to ‘sit and stare’

Watch a $500,000 Lamborghini Aventador catch air as it crashes in London

State data: Chevy Cobalts lemons from start

US firm developing 2,000hp supercar

iPhone 6 Looks Crazy Thin in New Leaked Photos

Scandal-weary D.C. voters send Mayor Gray packing

Party of the rich: In Congress, it’s the Democrats

South Korea sex change doctor: I correct ‘God’s mistakes’

CNN host: ‘Silver lining’ of missing Malaysia flight may be new environmental regulations

Soldier Dad Teaches His Teen Daughter an 'Extreme' Lesson After She Ignores His Warning


STARNES: Air Force pulls Bible from POW-MIA display
The Astonishing Way a Deadly Accurate Sniper Killed Six Taliban Insurgents From 930 Yards… With ONE Bullet

Constitutional conundrum: Michigan demand for a balanced budget could trigger amendment convention

War hero reveals secret of enduring trouble

CIA officer confirmed no protests before misleading Benghazi account given

Connecticut Residents’ Gun Rights Change Dramatically on April 1 — and It’s No April Fools

Hear Planned Parenthood hide botched abortion

Jewel-encrusted goblet found gathering dust in tiny Spanish museum 'touched the lips of Jesus and is in fact the HOLY GRAIL' say two historians with evidence to prove it

Ancient burial boxes dating back to Jesus' era found

DEACE: Liberal Hollywood proving God is not dead in America, and neither is liberty

1 person missing after being swept out to sea

Climate Change: The Musical? Show costs nearly $700G in taxpayer funds

Watchdog: ATF allowed official’s salary double-dip

Frack attack: Obama endangers energy supply

Malaysia corrects last words from Flight MH370

Woman 'has intercourse with student,' gets no jail

Report: MSNBC in serious trouble

Ratings may sink Ronan Farrow's show on MSNBC  

Connecticut Residents’ Gun Rights Change Dramatically on April 1 — and It’s No April Fools

New Mexico’s immigrant ruling to bolster gun rights cases

Storm hits over Kobe Bryant's Trayvon comments

Experts ID fault that could unleash ‘earthquake from hell’ on L.A.

Far-Left Hollywood Star Once Confronted an Outspoken Conservative Actor Over His Politics – He Couldn’t Have Expected This Reply

Bald eagle makes comeback along Pittsburgh's rivers

Judge refuses to block Ariz. abortion drug rules


SKorea fires shells at NKorean waters after drills

'Supernatural events' surround new phenomenon

Soldier flies to US to donate liver to veteran granddad

Quake rattles Yellowstone Park

Experts: 7.5 quake on Calif. fault could be disastrous

Jefferson, Madison went to church inside Capitol

4 hours of US-Russia negotiations over Ukraine fail to break deadlock

America May Have Just Unveiled a New Weapon to Combat Russia's Action in Ukraine

Russian Military Begins Massive Nuclear Weapons Drill

GOP senators back Eastern Europe missile defense to punish Putin

‘Saturday Night Live’ Relentlessly Mocks the Way Obama Is Selling His Health Care Law

Philippine supply ship evades Chinese blockade

80% increase in U.S. rejections of Israeli visas

Microsoft loses another Windows executive as Sinofsky shakeup concludes

Mom Pleads for Help in Search for Missing Nursing Student

Political hunt for sex abusers puts military justice in peril, lawyers say

'ERASER CHALLENGE' Educators trying to rub out dangerous new game


Mistrust between US, Malaysian investigators strains missing jet probe

New questions about ex-CIA director's Benghazi claims ahead of testimony

Number of missing drops to 30, death toll rises to 18

Bill Maher Tricks Guests With ‘Racist’ Paul Ryan Quote That Was Actually Said by Michelle Obama — The Reaction He Gets Is Priceless

Now 8 states waging war for Christmas

Pope surprises priest, kneels before him, confesses sins

Maine councilmen refuse to stand for flag pledge: It’s ‘ludicrous,’ one says

Sheriff: Feds can't make me enforce gun control

Obama gives military latrine duty new meaning

Maryland dropping $125M Obamacare exchange

Obamacare contraceptive mandate called 'death' care

Common Core emerges as potent election issue for fed-up parents

Taliban attack hits election commission’s headquarters in Kabul

Boy’s Shocking Discovery While Digging Backyard Pond Has Haunted Him From the Moment He Found It

Sandusky’s wife shifts blame for verdict to today’s kids: ‘All they think about is sex’

American Airlines apologizes for ‘deaf and dumb’ note on couple’s bag

He Cut a Dead Porcupine Open Looking for a Valuable Mineral Inside, But Found Something Far More Incredible
Violinist Blows the Internet Away With ‘Incredible’ New Music Video: ‘I Can’t Get Enough of This’
Attention Moms With ‘Routine’ 9-to-5 Jobs: World-Famous Actress Says Your Demands Don’t Compare to Hers

Teen banned from track meet over cancer tribute


Jeremiah Denton, POW and ex-senator, dies at 89

How Does a Black Republican Respond After Being Called ‘White’ & Compared to ‘Cockroaches’ by Ebony Sr. Editor?
Teacher’s Alleged Response to 5-Year-Old’s Endearing Act Has These Outraged Parents Strongly Considering Homeschooling
Video: Veteran Teacher Reveals the Shocking Intimidation She’s Faced for Opposing Common Core in Tearful Testimony

Voting rights activists appeal proof-of-citizenship ruling

NRA aims social-media ad at Calif. state Sen. Leland Yee

Ben Carson to pitch Obamacare replacement to GOP

Taliban attack location of U.S. charity, day care center in Afghanistan

McCain in amnesty fight as long as 'alive and breathing'

Outrage as US comedian mocks Asian Americans

College’s pick of pro-choice speaker sparks outcry

Trio of Thugs Pistol-Whip Would-Be Victim – But They Weren’t So Tough When They Were Looking Down the Barrel of His Rifle

Man gets weapons conviction for replica bullets in DC

Illegal alien arrested for raping 3-year-old

More red tape: Obama imposes new greenhouse gas regulations

Navy says goodbye to sub damaged by worker's arson

Rep. Hunter tells Navy: Skip tobacco ban, focus on budget and ships

Navy seeks live training missiles to fire at pilots

BMW plans $1 billion expansion in South Carolina

Enormous tuna could shatter world record

Wealthy in China show off social status by killing, eating tigers


Number of missing in Wash. mudslide put at 90

Condoleezza Rice blames Obama for ‘vacuum’ that’s led to Putin

Congress must bully the IRS by cutting off its money until it cooperates

Billboard confronts Air Force censorship of religion

Postal service employees use travel cards to gamble

U.S. appeals court upholds new Texas abortion rules

Calif. school 'apologizes' for feminism prof's alleged attack on teenage pro-lifer

California struggles to enroll blacks in Obamacare

Dems push to change ObamaCare amid fears

Gun-control Democrat charged with gunrunning

Obamas spent $16 million on Africa, Hawaii flights

Wave of lawmaker arrests: They're all Democrats

Battle still rages after general’s sexual assault sentencing

Nine commanders fired in nuke missile cheating scandal

Kobe Bryant Incurs Wrath of the Left Over His Comments on Trayvon Martin Case

5-year-old boy set deadly blaze, police say



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